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What is FreshMill Oils?

Traditionally in India oils used in cooking like groundnut/peanut oil, coconut oil and sesame oil and oils used for lighting lamps and massages like Castor Oil were extracted in wooden mills rotated by bulls. This oil extraction did not involve heat as the wooden mill does not heat and this ensured that the nutrients in the oil remained intact.

Modern techniques used for oil extraction involves a long mechanical & chemical process which treats the oils more as a chemical and less as a food we consume on a daily basis.

We at FreshMill oils are trying to change it by extracting oils using the same techniques used by our ancestors for hundreds of years (ofcourse we have replaced the bulls). Our oils are entirely cold pressed in wooden mills without any heating or chemicals our oils are 100% chemical free, unrefined, unbleached and pure. 

 Why did we stop using cold pressed oils anyways? 

In the past two decades many campaigns by big brands have painted an almost demonic image for our traditional oils as containing cholestrol and giving us heart attack. This is however far from true as groundnut/peanut oil, coconut oil and sesame oil contain only the good cholestrol which is infact needed by the body to maintain optimum health and balance. 

Here's a video of Dr. B.M Hegde winner of the prestigious Padma Bhushan award talking about the benefits of Coconut Oil and how the doctors demonised it in the past decade:

Well we fell for the campaigns by the brands and now it is time to make the switch back to our roots. Replace the all your cooking oils with cold pressed oils today to move towards a happier healthier future. 

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