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Vacuum Evaporated Natural Jaggery

With consumers turning health conscious, Jaggery the age old sweetener is back with a bang!

But do we know everything about the Jaggery we consume?


Turns out the Jaggery you get in the market, is normally treated with Sodium hydrosulphite (hydros) to improve it’s colour and texture. Interestingly I learnt this from a village farmer who once told me “This jaggery has less Hydros”. So brands and companies claiming Jaggery as the perfect alternative for sugar are not telling you the whole truth behind it.

At FreshMill oils, we use Jaggery that’s made using a unique process called Vacuum Evaporation which involves, evaporating the moisture out of Sugar-Cane juice in a vacuum-evaporator. In this process there’s zero chemicals involved which makes this the only Jaggery that’s 100% chemical free and worthy of all the claims made on Jaggery by brands.

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